Moser Schweizer Brie

%Moser Schweizer Weichkäse%

A reliable character.

Moser’s Schweizer Brie is a reliable character. Soft and mild in its youth, creamy and rich given a bit of time to ripen. It is the Swiss brie from Seeland, Switzerland’s lake district, where creativity and good ideas go into the warming pot along with Seeland milk to create a cheese which turns a fully stocked refrigerator into a finely stocked refrigerator. It pairs perfectly with tree nuts, for example, or a fresh crusty loaf of brown bread and a dry Riesling&Silvaner.

weight 1.2 kg

100 g contain:

Energy value 1290 kJ | 310 kcal
Carbohydrates < 0.5 g
Sugar thereof  < 0.5 g

Protein 19 g
Fat 26 g
Saturates thereof 16 g

Salt 1.5 g