Moser Block Brie

%Moser Schweizer Weichkäse%

No cheese platter without it

No cheese platter should be without a few slices of Moser’s Block Brie. Its block form makes it quite easy to slice, but it is mainly the aroma which wins it pride of place. Moser’s Block Brie is either young, soft and mild, or ripe, creamy and rich. Attractively arranged with tree nuts and grapes, this cheese has connoisseurs at its beck and call.

weight 850 g

100 g contain:

Energy value 1290 kJ | 310 kcal
Carbohydrate < 0.5 g
Sugar thereof < 0.5 g

Protein 19 g
Fat 26 g
Saturates thereof 16 g

Salt 1.5 g